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LLB after 12th or LLB after Graduation: Which one you should go for?

Candidates who are interested in legal profession can pursue L.L.B course after 12th or graduation.

Those aspirants who want to pursue L.L.B after 12th can enroll for a 5 year Integrated L.L.B course while 3 year L.L.B program  is available for graduates.

The primary benefit of 5-year course is that the candidates will get the advantage of doing B.A, B.Com or B.B.A course along with the L.L.B course and in this way they can easily save their precious 1-year.

A 3-year L.L.B course is great opportunity for those who decide to take up legal profession after graduation.


LLB After 12th: What’s the Scope?


The 5-year integrated courses available in law are:


  • A LLB
  • Com LLB
  • S.L LLB

These law courses not only covers theoretical areas but also include practical sessions such as training at legal aid centers and court attendance. In addition, research projects are also there in the law course structure.

Here are a list of some Premier Law Institutions which offer 5-year Integrated LLB courses:


  • Amity Law School
  • ILS Law College in Pune
  • National Law School in Bangalore
  • Symbiosis Society’s Law College and
  • National Law Institute University in Bhopal

The most popular law entrance exam conducted for the admission to prestigious National Law Universities/Schools in India is CLAT (Common Law Admission Test).

Also there’re some other popular entrance tests like  LSAT (Law School Admission Test), NALSAR Test and National Law School of India University (NLSIU) Entrance Test.

After completing 5-year integrated course, one can join any of the post graduated diploma programs in field like Taxation, International Law, Forensic Sciences, Criminology and Labour. It’s also possible for the candidates to pursue postgraduate degree courses like LLM.

Furthermore, one can practice law after the enrollment with Local/State/Central Bar Council after the successful completion of his/her integrated LLB course.

The law graduates can start up their career as assistants or apprentices.

Later on, with better experience and knowledge they can find great job opportunities like company secretary, legal advisers, oath commissioner or judge.

LLB after graduation: What Are The Opportunities?


3-year LLB course comprises only law subjects as the law aspirants already hold an undergraduate degree. Both practical and theoretical sessions are there in the course structure.

There’re some of the prestigious Law schools or institutes which offer 3-year LLB course.


They are:


  • Banaras Hindu University
  • Delhi University
  • Bharti Vidyapeeth University in Pune
  • Indira Priyadarshini College of Law in Bangalore and
  • Government Law College in Mumbai

Besides this, several law entrance test are there to get admission for 3-year LLB Course like Law School Admission Test (LSAT), Common Law Admission Test (CLAT 2019) and state level exams.

LLM is the most appropriate option available for aspirants dreaming of high studies or for the candidates who have completed 3-year LLB course. Although, they can pursue diploma courses like Post Graduate Diploma in Labour Laws and Post Graduate Diploma in International Law.

In addition, after completing 3-year LLB course, one can pursue their career as company secretary, oath commissioner, legal consultants or lawyers. However, they need to enroll with Bar Council and gain experience as a practitioner of Law.

Now that we have discussed both the topics – LLB after 12th or LLB after graduation, it’s time to know which law program is best for the law aspiring candidates.

Which is better – LLB after 12th or LLB after graduation?

The main advantage of 5-year LLB course over 3-year LLB course is that the save one year. They can either opt for B.A LLB, BBA LLB, B.Com LLB or B.S.L LLB according to their interest. There’s no need to pursue the apprehensive undergraduate law course and then join LLB as an additional course.

The Integrated course will give the law aspirants an opportunity to complete their law course in a continuous stretch without any break. Thus, 5-year LLB course is better for those who have taken a decision to pursue a legal profession after 12th. Although if any law aspirant is interested to pursue LLB as an additional course after graduation, then 3-year law course is suitable for them.


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