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Faculty Profile

Neeraj Kumar


B.A, L.L.B – Chanakya National Law University, Patna.

Neeraj Kumar, a law graduate from Chanakya National Law University is India’s Best CLAT mentor. He is very popular among students due to his unique style of teaching. People from different states come to Patna, Just to get personal mentorship of Neeraj sir.
He is the youngest and most dynamic Legal Aptitude Faculty, known for his legal Knowledge and its practical Implementation. He is the solution to all problems of CLAT Aspirants.

R. K. Jha


Author - Arihant, Pearson, TMH, Vidya Sagar etc.

R. K. Jha Sir, a brand name in the field of Logical Reasoning and Author of many books from different publications including Arihant, TMH, Pearson, Vidya Sagar Etc. is a Permanent Faculty and Academic Advisor of CLAT FOCUS Tutorials. 24 Years of Teaching Experience of Logical Reasoning makes him one of the best Faculty of India.
His Experience is guideline not just for students but other Faculties as well.

Amit Kumar


LLB - Campus Law Center, Delhi University

Amit Kumar, a law graduate from Campus Law Center, Delhi is one of the most influential personality probably you will ever meet in your life.
He is a perfect example of the quote “Lawyer is known for Language”. 9 Years of Experience of teaching English in institutions like Made Easy, IAS Academy makes him Best Faculty of English.
He believes in breaking the boundary between teacher and Student and 

Er. Rakesh Kumar Srivastava


B.Tech, M. Tech – IIT Delhi

Rakesh Kumar, a graduate from India’s most prestigious institution (IIT Delhi) is most dedicated and passionate faculty of Mathematics.

He is a mirror to reflect the quality difference between an IIT’ans and others. He is one who allows students to ask any question from any chapter in any class.

His different and multiple shortcut tricks are the most loved part by Students.

Ragini Jaiswal


B.A,LLB - National law University, Delhi
Ragini Jaiswal, a Law graduates from National Law University New Delhi, is a Fluent Speaker of English. She teaches English not to earn means of Livelihood but just to live her passion. She is passionate enough to motivate students and help them in order to convert their dream and desire in concrete reality. She has been instrumental and worked as catalyst in shaping CLAT FOCUS Tutorials as one of the leading brand in the arena of Law Entrance Exams.

Samarth Trigunayat


South Asian University, Delhi
Samarth Sir, a law Graduate from Chanakya National Law University, and Post graduates from South Asian University Delhi, is a keen reader and enthusiast orator. Taking classes is not like a job or work for him, he actually enjoy sharing his knowledge and ideology with students.
He is the one who actually teaches you more than subject but lessons of life. His Influencing Personality motivates and inspire Students to Pursue law as a Career.